"Actually, I feel closer to you. That’s what happens when you let people in."
"I should write that down! Life lessons from my sexually confused step sister."

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Rita Volk x Just Jared Jr.

Rita Volk x Just Jared Jr.

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I wish fandom could stop talking about “end game” relationships, like the entire purpose of someone’s life is to end up with someone and then things stop. Like everything is leading up to a single point. Whether or not it’s a relationship I’m into, I find that gross.

First of all, it prioritizes authorial/creator intent more than I’m comfortable with when discussing things happening within the text. Maybe the creators (or SOME OF the creators, in a case of something like a TV show, which has multiple writers, directors, and actors all bringing in their vision) originally expected it to go in that direction, but that doesn’t mean everything. Art, like life, sometimes takes random detours.

It also prioritizes one specific, presumably intended, interpretation over actually engaging with the text. Y’all, we are FANDOM. We read into everything whatever we want and dismiss the parts we don’t. That is 90% of tumblr posts. We are active rather than passive consumers of media, that’s kind of our deal. So why should speculation on what canon intends decide whether or not a potential relationship is valuable?

But most importantly, it carries with it this really weird idea that everything else in life is just practice for your one moment, and then it’s happily ever after and nothing happens. That’s terrible. That devalues all your relationships (platonic and otherwise) before The One, but it also devalues that relationship as a living, changing thing. The very idea of “end game” is static; it removes the options. The concept is a vacuum that sucks the air out of the room. If it’s inevitable, that means it’s just there. I’d much rather hear stories about relationships that every day could go in the other direction, but because two (or more!) characters care and work for it, the relationship has weight.

TL,DR: The concept of “end game” is really gross and I wish people would stop using it as a default fallback for talking about why they like things.


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can’t believe it’s taken me this long to jump onto the poc bandwagon


can’t believe it’s taken me this long to jump onto the poc bandwagon

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atla meme: [1/7] ships/relationships - zuko x katara
"i was the first person to trust you, remember?"

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"come on"

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Nods again: "I promise."
"Thank you, Razor," I say. "For everything."
He leans forward and kisses me hard on the mouth.
"Don't ever do that again," I tell him.
"Why? Because you liked it or because you didn't?"
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Anonymous ;
Whats your theories for the 5th wave series? Just wondering :)

spoilers spoilers spoilers

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Anonymous ;
are you gay or straight?
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